Marzipan Bars 

A Danish classic, today Anthon Berg’s dark chocolate-coated Marzipan Bar is renowned the world over.
Its rise to fame began back in 1884 when Anthon Berg first began selling his now-famous chocolates. 
It wasn’t long before his reputation for quality chocolate grew, and with this, so did the queue in front of his boutique. With an appreciation for the spirit of generosity, Anthon Berg decided to "sweeten" his customers’ waiting time by giving them Marzipan Bars. Like all of Anthon Berg’s products, the Marzipan Bar quickly became popular and was put into general production in 1898. 
The original bar is still made exactly as was back then, while 4 types of marzipan bars are now available: Extra Dark, Cognac, Wiskey and Nougat. Discover your favourite. 


You can never be too generous
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